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As a *wholistic lifestyle strategist, I work with you to create, and expand your self awareness, harnessing the abilities that lies within you, to unleash your limitless potential, and transform the way you experience life. 

Together, we’ll work to create the life of significance, in a state of being, free of suffering living the purpose driven life that your heart’s desire today. 

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Benefits of working together

During our time working together, you will be able to acquire the skills that will help you lead the purpose driven life of significance that you heart is yearning for. 

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Choose your plan

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Initial Session
Cost $190.00
One session and half session
90 minutes

Month to Month Package

Cost $400
Could be divided in four 30 to 45 minutes session
Could be divided in three 45 to 60 minutes session.

Specific Pinpoint Focus

Requires Discovery and Evaluation Session
One Session Cost $35.00
15 minutes session

Group Coaching Workshop

6 - 18 people
Cost Starting $35.00 per person
3 hours+

6 Months

Life Altering Lifestyle
requires six months commitment
24 Sessions
Cost monthly $450.00
4 hours per month, for 24 sessions, that can be divided.

3 Months

Intense accelerated step by step track
Cost monthly $500.00
4 hours per month, for 12 sessions, that time be divided.
Could be divided in two half hour sessions weekly.
Could be divided into one 60 minutes session weekly.

Special Session

If your income is limited, and you are committed to transform your life from within to live a life of significance, you may qualify for a scale fee for services. Please write in 500 + words, why you believe you are ready to take action. What are your concerns and desires? What is pressing in you? If working together resonates, we will explore the possibilities to assist you achieve your goals.