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Logo Health is You!

Hi! My name is Ivonne

We are all born with a sense of purpose in life. Even though, at times, in life, we might not ‘know’ it, or might not be cognizant of what it is.

Since a young age, I was fortunate to have a sense of ‘knowing’, a state of being presence, that guided me to serve others in living a heart-centered purpose driven life of significance. 

What does this mean? You may ask? To me, this concept is very simple, we either experience life, in a state, free of suffering, or in a state of suffering, either, in a state of presence or not present. We live in a state of duality, where we are either in a state of connection with everyone and everything around us, or disconnected. My goal is to guide you to awaken to your innate gift of discernment to experience life from your natural state of being.

The lifestyle you crave resides within you; and, I can help you co-create it, through my comprehensive integrative health and wellness transformational life strategies program.

I will listen to your concerns, challenges and heart’s desires. Based on them, together, we will create the strategic plan of intentions with actions driven results to achieve your purpose. My best tools are motivation, guided self-reflection and inspiration.

My mission is to ignite your zest for life, and the passion that lies within you to live fully, by being presence itself! So, that you can create the life that you crave and deserve today.

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We all are limitless and capable of harnessing our Divine Nature given gifts and talents to thrive, shine and soar in life, and be of service to others.


My professional career has always been linked in serving others. For many years, I dedicated my life to Public Health and Civic Engagement in the field of Health and Human Services, helping others with their own life challenges.

My commitment and contribution is to create a better, more sensitive humane world one person at a time.

I actively participate with several social groups to get the message of Health is You! reach as many people as possible.

I am looking forward with enthusiasm about all the equally exciting upcoming projects that are awaiting for me in the near future. How about yours? Are you ready to start working?

¿What’s Integrative Health & Transformational Coaching?

Integrative health and transformational coaching, is a lifestyle-based approach guidance that helps you achieve a state of wellness and being in, where your mind, body and spirit are aligned in living a purpose driven life of significance.

Most of the time, if we are not mindful of our thoughts, we can say that, we usually experience life from a state of stress, anxiety, and worry. 

These mental states lead us to diseases and lifestyles that work against our very own loving nature. 

To help you connect with the presence that you are in creating the future of your heart’s desire that you deserve today.